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While it’s been a few years since I’ve blogged about infertility (and then, pregnancy) I am hoping some of you visitors dropped by to read some of those old posts! I still have aspirations of someday assembling these into a book. However, in the meantime I’ve assembled a highlights reel – and removed some of the old fluff posts. In order to get to the Busted Plumbing posts… ah I’m still trying to figure that all out. But, they’re still here. Somewhere. And when I get the proper links all settled, I’ll have them posted here and on the sidebar to the left. It’ll be a piece of cake… (I tried to find a gif from the part where the sister is all doped up on pain meds and she’s trying to snap her fingers, but alas the gif-creators of the world do not value this moment as much as […]


Howdy Bleeps, I’ve got just a short post today since we’re hosting the in-laws, who have traveled from Alaska to meet their new grandson. Today, I’d like to give you a little heads up. Well, a two-fold heads up.  To those women who are struggling with a low breastmilk supply (PCOS I hate your ass-face), there are many supplements you can take to help.  There will be another post that outlines all the germane to elaborate things I’ve done to increase my breastmilk (but if you have suggestions in addition to herbal supplements, beer, drink water, pump, and take medication I’m all ears!). But for now, I’ll give you a friendly warning on the herbal supplements… so you’re not surprised like I was. The first supplement you’re likely to hear about if you’re working on a breastmilk supply is something called Fenugreek.  Certainly not something I’ve heard about before, kind […]