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While it’s been a few years since I’ve blogged about infertility (and then, pregnancy) I am hoping some of you visitors dropped by to read some of those old posts! I still have aspirations of someday assembling these into a book. However, in the meantime I’ve assembled a highlights reel – and removed some of the old fluff posts. In order to get to the Busted Plumbing posts… ah I’m still trying to figure that all out. But, they’re still here. Somewhere. And when I get the proper links all settled, I’ll have them posted here and on the sidebar to the left. It’ll be a piece of cake… (I tried to find a gif from the part where the sister is all doped up on pain meds and she’s trying to snap her fingers, but alas the gif-creators of the world do not value this moment as much as […]


Since I’ve “come out of the closet”… the Infertility Closet that is, I’ve had to endure less fertility advice.  You’d think it would be the opposite, but I’ve found that people are more likely to keep their mouth shut when they know you have a legit medical issue as opposed to being “too stressed out”, etc.  Years 1-3 of trying were the worst for advice, and thank god it’s dissipated because I would have picked up way more restraining orders by now (“If you tell me to just relax one more time…. I swear… I’m going to kill you and make it look like an accident!”). Oh crap, now I’m doing death threats.  The FBI is going to be all over this blog!  Quick, act casual! (Are they gone?  Ok, moving on…) Yet, just when I think I’m immune from stupid advice, here comes the fertility experts (aka the folks […]


Why good afternoon, dear Bleep!  (Tip O’ my hat to you).  I’m dragging ass this afternoon.  I had to do smart person, legal crap all day long.  I’m saving hundreds of thousands of your taxpayer dollars, people.  And I’m presenting to City Council next week on all the smart person stuff I’ve done today.  Unfortunately I’ve used up all my smart person brain cells in the process, and unless they regenerate by next week I’m totally farged.  I will likely end up standing in front of the Council with drool hanging out the side of my mouth and mumbling something about cheese steaks.  What does it all mean to you, dear Bleep?  Basically you’re getting a half-assed post.  Just remember I’m saving you taxpayer dollars when you come after me with torches and pitchforks! Lately I’ve been playing make-believe.  Like many Infertiles, my life is on hold.  It’s like buying […]


Yesterday I had an infertility SOS.  Every Infertile… well, I’d argue any woman who is TTC (trying to conceive), has had an SOS.  Your best friend is pregnant before you, you’ve found out you’re going to miscarry, or even something so small as a dissolving into tears at seeing adorable little baby socks in the store–anything can trigger a breakdown.  The early years were hard for me, and for many others as I’ve found out.  Through my posts from the last several months, I hope you’ve seen that I’ve come to a fairly balanced place in my fertility journey.  Yes, I’m snarky.  Yes, I’m bold.  Yes, I have my moments.  But overall, I understand that there is some greater cosmic purpose to all this that is still unknown to me.  I’m learning to wait.  From this patience, I’ve developed Infertility Armor (coming to a store near you).  This magical armor deflects Facebook […]


This post was originally titled: “Frankie Says “Relax”. I Reply (Snarkily) “I’m Trying to Relax But It’s Not As Easy As It Looks and Relaxing Doesn’t Solve All Infertility Problems Anyways So Keep Your Advice To Your Damn Self!”  But even for someone who loves long titles, that was still a bit much.  Hopefully you get my reference to the timeless 80’s hit, and one of my childhood rock-out songs.  Yes, this is yet another post by us Infertiles kindly requesting everyone on the planet to KEEP YOUR #@$(&* RELAXATION ADVICE TO YOURSELF!!!  Ah hem.  HELLO Femara!  What I meant to say, is please refrain from suggesting we just “relax” and stop worrying. As you probably know by now, my process is to get an idea and jot it down in the drafts.  I might work on a diatribe soapbox Femara related-confession topic for weeks, or I might get a wild hair […]


Wow, I’m thrilled at the positive feedback yesterday’s post got.  I loved reading the comments, and I was nodding my head “yes” all the way down the line.  I just wanted to highlight someone of the great comments I got, and then I’ll get to the one that spawned this follow-up post.  (If you haven’t read yesterday’s post yet, check it out here first.) Sarah said “keep in mind, even those sneaky silent ones are thinking of you too and just don’t know how to break the news”.  Quite true Sarah, and I know it’s hard.  I can’t imagine the conflict a preggo must feel, knowing that the best news in the world to you might be the worst news in the world to someone you care about.  Libby said “I hate it when people are afraid to tell me, especially if they were having struggles too. It just makes […]


An arrow into every Infertile’s heart… A week or two ago during a TTC Happy Hour, us ladies were discussing the pain of finding out a friend is pregnant versus the frustration that the friend did not tell you (or was afraid to tell you, and then you found out through the grapevine).  This is a tricky one, because for the most part, folks don’t want to tell us Infertiles that they are preggo out of concern for our feelings.  It’s an act of compassion, and I’ll try to approach it as such.  I know many preggos will try to wait to tell us.  Wait for the time to be right, wait for us to magically be pregnant too, or just plain ‘ol wait out just trying to avoid an uncomfortable conversation.  And maybe this isn’t a bad plan, if the preggo isn’t around the Infertile all that often.  Because, why […]


Oh god.  I can feel it.  I can feel the crazy coming on.  And everyone within a 20 mile radius is totally screwed.  My apologies in advance if I attack your car with an umbrella.  Let me explain.  This month is my second month of a new-to-me fertility drug called Femara.  Surprisingly, Femara is not meant for infertility.  It’s actually used to treat women after breast cancer, to supposedly reduce the likelihood of the cancer coming back.  Pretty cool, way to go Femara.  But somewhere down the line, they figured out it also apparently helped with ovulation.  It’s not as effective as Clomid in inducing ovulation, but its supposed to not thin your lining out as much as Clomid does either.  Given that every pregnancy I’ve had (four) has been a result of Clomid, but has also ended in miscarriage, I was definitely interested in trying something new.  You might […]


I just checked out my Aussie friend Cheryl’s blog, 100 Days of IVF and was touched by her frustration at a life on hold.  I’ve had this title on hold in my drafts for a while, and I thought maybe this was a sign it was time to take it out and dust it off.  (My creative process is to come up with a title, sentence, etc. and then leave it in my drafts… fermenting, for lack of a better word until it was time for it to be written). Her post is really more to the point of how much her life as changed as a result of infertility, and I feel her frustrations acutely. However, what I would like to discuss today is the related issue of putting your life on hold while trying to conceive (TTC). A life on hold while TTC is not too much to ask […]