Why hello there! You clicked this link which means you want to contact me. Which means either you really haven’t read my blog yet (good plan) or you actually HAVE read my blog and by some miracle you STILL want to get in touch with me. In which case we shall be good friends.

You can reach me at bustedkate at gmail dot com

I’m interested in talking with you about advertising opportunities on, and I’m also available for freelance writing jobs as well. I promise you I can tone it down. Please feel to contact me for examples of work that don’t involve profanity. But I guess I can add some profanity in, if that’s your thing? I can be whatever you want me to be, baby.

You can find me at a couple other places too:



LinkedIn (for the normal, grown-up stuff I do)

My consulting business that has absolutely nothing to do with plumbing.

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