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Bleeps, since getting the little Tuckerang back in December, there’s been one question I’ve been getting over and over. Most people ask it out loud, because they know I’m just one of those folks who will blab anything if you ask it directly.  Other folks are reserved, and politely don’t want to pry… especially considering my history. Speaking of my history, I think it makes folks doubley curious. Come on, you know what the question is, right?  Just say it out loud.  Get it off your chest.  I know you want to ask.  Can’t you feel the suspense?! “Sooooooo…. ah…. you gonna, uh, do any more?” I usually respond with “if God is willing and the creek don’t rise”. And then… “Ah…. how long are you going to wait?” I can feel people’s discomfort in prying, but the curiosity gets the better of them.  Not that I can blame, I’ve […]


Heya Bleeps So, earlier this week I was having lunch with my fabulous friend Niki (of Nikus Road, check her out… about to do IVF!  Stop by and wish her luck!) and we were just chatting about how being a mom after infertility still makes you a little “different”. Like I wasn’t going to be “different”, no matter what I did. But specifically we were commenting on folks who have kids, who always make flippant statements about how “lucky” she is (or I once was) to not have kids… so that she could sleep in, or go out without a babysitter, or see a movie whenever she wants. Or comments I get to me, asking me how much I miss being able to do all that stuff.  “Bet you miss sleep!” or “Are you lucky you had those extra years of sleep?” Nah.  I’m lucky now. Do I miss sleep?  […]


Heya Bleeps.  Thanks for your patience as I’m slightly AWOL.  On top of a crazy work schedule I’m working on that new blog, yahoo!  Hopefully will be done by the end of the week.  Sweeeeet. So I was laying (lying? I forget how English works) in bed last night, and getting sort of sentimental.  About this time last year, we were finding out if the little jelly bean that would become Bingo that would become Tucker had a heartbeat.  The pregnancy before this, at the same first ultrasound appointment, we found out that the little bean(s, twins) had no heartbeat.  Needless to say, I was a mixture of apprehension and hope this time around. At this appointment, I had the whole Blog-and-Twitterverse rooting for us, and nothing made me so happy to blast out “we have a heartbeat!”  I knew it was still an uphill battle at that point, but […]


Bleeps, my head is spinning. Yesterday, I reposted last year’s Mother’s Day entry.  I was a little bit preggo this time last year.  I remember posting about that day, but for the life of me I can’t find that post… if you happen to have a better memory than I do in my sleep deprived state, please let me know which one it was. But the gist of the post was a pep-talk from my mom.  In my four previous unsuccessful pregnancies, over the course of almost five years of TTC, I had never been preggo over Mother’s Day.  Thank GOD.  In my younger years I would have celebrated the face that I’d be a mother by that time next year, and I think that would have made the heartbreak of miscarriage even that much more painful (if that’s possible). After many unsuccessful pregnancies, my reaction to being pregnant on […]


It’s still amazing to me how things have changed in a year.  I have many thoughts to share, but I’m still processing… in the meantime, I give you my Mother’s Day post from last year! Dada.  DAda.  DADA.  DADADADADADADA (That’s the Jaws Theme): Mother’s Day Originally Posted: May 9, 2010 Welcome to a special Sunday post of Busted:  The Mother’s Day Edition.  This is the first Mother’s Day I’ve been blogging about.  And despite four previous pregnancies, this is the first one I’ve been pregnant over.  People have said, “oh this must be a special day for you!” Eh. My friend TRex called Valentine’s Day, “Singles Awareness Day”.  In that vein, Mother’s Day is definitely the “Childless Awareness Day”. Not that I have any sour feelings about it.  I just don’t relate to or identify with it whatsoever.  Adam’s been nice over the years and so therefore I’ve gotten the […]


Hello there, Bleeps!  In continuation of National Infertility Awareness Week, I wanted to dust off an old post that’s been one of my favorites… the Infertile Fight Song! Anyone whose been TTC for longer than hoped for will start to feel worn down, eventually.  It’s exhausting!  Tracking ovulation, temperatures, acupuncture, standing on your head, naked tribal dances in your backyard… You need something to put a little pep back in your step!  For me, I picked a couple songs.  When I’d hear them on the radio, or played them on my iPod, I’d think to myself “YEAH! Bring IT, Infertility!”  And then maybe get sloppy drunk and cry the ugly cry. But next morning I’d wake up ready to spring back into action! So without further adieu, here’s my favorite Infertile Rally Songs… I Just Haven’t Met You Yet by Michael Buble, I’m Still Standing by Elton John, and I’ve […]


Well Bleeps, apparently I was so damn excited about Infertility Awareness Week I posted a week early.  Who can blame me??  I mean, I personally never get tired of talking about cervical mucus so there you go. Here’s my post from last week, if you missed it! For me, I think a big part of Infertility Awareness Week is “coming out”.  But I understand very few are ready to talk about their busted plumbing… hell, great aunt Edna might have a heart attack if you launch into blocked tubes and a hostile uterus. But for those who are tired of skirting the “so… when are you guys having kids?” question, maybe it’s time to come out of the shadows.  Call people out on the “just relax and it will happen” nonsense. …Actually I have a medical condition that has nothing to do with relaxing.  We’re working on addressing those medical […]


Heya Bleeps… just a quick post today.  But it’s a special day, for it’s my 8th wedding anniversary with Adam.  Seems like a long time, especially for folks who are only in their early 30s, but it sure doesn’t feel that long. We’ve actually been together for almost 12 years, if you can believe that!  I haven’t even so looked at another dude since I’ve been 19 years old.  I never pictured myself as the marrying and settling down type, but when I met Adam it was just like we fell in step with one another.  I describe it like that all the time.  We got together, and then that was it.  It’s been easy. Oh sure, we fight about little stuff.  Where to (and to not) take Tucker.  Who should make dinner or do the dishes.  Whose poop it was that clogged the toilet (that was just last night).  […]


Well Bleeps, I can’t believe it’s been a full year since National Infertility Awareness Week of last year! Last year was a big one for me… I had just found out I was pregnant (one year ago tomorrow, to be exact), but being preggo didn’t stop me from being an Infertile (capital “I” intentional!).  Here are some posts from last year I think you’ll appreciate: It’s Time to Come Out Of The (Infertility) Closet It’s More Than “Just Relax” I also asked everyone to watch Keiko’s AH-MAY-ZING video (read last years post on her): This year, I posted this on my Facebook:  “It’s National Infertility Awareness Week! Last year I came out of the closet as an “Infertile” & this year I have my amazing son thanks to fertility treatment. I’m lucky to have so many family & friends who have been supportive but many people suffer in silence. Infertility […]