Parent of the Year Award goes to… Someone Else. Anyone else.

Testing hello hello, 1 2 3, come in… Anyone out there?

I doubt anyone is still checking here, so this gives me a little time to ease back in. Sorry I fell off the planet. Stuff happened, and also I suck at life. Generally. Hey, this ain’t called “Fixed Kate”, after all.

Probably lots to catch you up on…

…but not today.

So instead I’ll just share my funny, not funny, story for today.

Tonight the kiddo and I run to Costco once I pick him up from the sitter. We grab a few things, and head back out to the car. I put Tuck in the front seat to “drive the car” while I unload in the back.

You can probably see what’s coming next, right? Every parent on the planet, save myself, could win “guess what’s going to happen now”.

Yep, Tuck locks the car doors. I close the trunk, park the cart, and come back to put the kid in the carseat and head home.

Pull the handle… Locked.

I go cold. Son of a…. #%^¥?!

My 27 month old toddler is locked in my car. Fortunately it’s fairly cool out, but it’s getting dark fast. Husband has the only other key, and he’s 30 miles away and at work till midnight.

I push the panic down, and make a plan. I’m going to give myself 10 minutes to figure something out (or until the kid freaks) and then I’m breaking a window. I first run over to the Costco garage and ask if they have a slim jim… No, but a guy there has a coat hanger. Great! Lets give it a go.

Step two, I call a friend in the local police department… Does he know anyone with a slim jim? No, they don’t carry those anymore.

Step three… Coach the kid. Tuck is laughing his butt off… Mommy is talking to me through the glass! She taps, I tap back!

I get eye-to-eye… Tuck mommy is trapped outside. Push buttons on the door. Good, try different ones. Miraculously the kid seems to know what I’m asking. I see him grab what I think is the lock… Good! Pull harder! Keep trying!

Door pops open. He pulled the handle!

I smother him with kisses and apologies and pride that he figured it out. He just wants to do it again.

…and the Mother of the Year award goes to…

Why YES, that IS my toddler locked in my car!

PS: Ironic twist… yesterday, I posted on Facebook one of my “And yet… THESE people can procreate” jabs at the Fertiles of the world who twist the proverbial knife in the back of all the women who would love kids. This mother locked her little, tiny infant in a car with a note says “here’s my cell, if there’s any problems call me, I’m inside shopping”. W…T…F… and today? My kid is locked in the car. Good one on me, Karma.

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Busted Kate (@BustedKate) March 25, 2013 at 9:47 pm

Parent of the year award goes to… anyone else.


@melodyisdestiny March 27, 2013 at 1:26 pm

I did it TWICE. TY Fire Dept RT@BustedKate: Parent of the year award goes to… anyone else.”


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